Player SDK for Browsers - Release 1.5.0

August 20, 2019

Version 1.5.0 of the HTML5 Player SDK for Browsers is available now!

New features

The following new features have been introduced in this release.

  • ConnectedTVs support on LG and Samsung
  • Widevine Verified Media Path Support


The following bugs have been fixed in this release.

  • Seeking in live does not always seek to the right point on the seek bar
  • Seeking in number-based live manifests
  • Standalone CSS missing volume slider blob icon
  • Standalone CSS missing remaining time element when playing VOD
  • Companion adverts are not removed when zapping to a non-advert stream
  • Companion Ads IMA is muted by default
  • DRM preference on connected TVs is not playing Widevine for SSM server/streams
  • Widevine playback not working on some connected TVs
  • Some Widevine streams not playing on LG TV


There are no other changes in this release.

Known issues

The following known issues have been identified in this release.

  • Subtitles do not display after performing seek in Live
  • PiP encrypted video not displayed after PiP window dismissed and re-created on Edge
  • DASH JS v2.9.2 low latency macro blocking due to segment caching
  • Player stalls on pressing play after exhausting buffer when paused
  • Frozen picture during live long playback on 60 seconds DVR window live stream
  • SMPTE-TT TXT Subtitles not working